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Stay True: A Memoir, by Hua Hsu

Stay True: A Memoir, by Hua Hsu

ISBN: 0385547773    EAN: 9780385547772

Publisher: Doubleday Books    

US SRP: $26.00 US  -  

Binding: Hardcover

Pub Date: September 27, 2022


"Ken, whose Japanese American family has been in the United States for generations, is mainstream; for Hua, a first-generation Taiwanese American who has a 'zine and haunts Bay Area record shops, Ken represents all that he defines himself in opposition to. The only thing Hua and Ken have in common is that, however they engage with it, American culture doesn't seem to have a place for either of them. But despite his first impressions, Hua and Ken become best friends, a friendship built of late-night conversations over cigarettes, long drives along the California coast, and the textbook successes and humiliations of everyday college life. And then violently, senselessly, Ken is gone, killed in a carjacking. ... Determined to hold on to all that was left of his best friend, ... Hua turned to writing"--Provided by publisher.

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